Mission Statement:

Leading the way toward conscious change 


NeuroChange Solutions Workshop -

"Inspiring conscious change and growth in organizations"

Dr. Joe Dispenza


Team Building- 

  Customized Team Building programs designed to motivate and energize participants. The content focuses on improving communication and problem solving skills, creating cohesive groups, building interdependence and trust, as well as increasing knowledge retention and creativity skills.  Participants will leave with a good understanding as to what is expected of them as well as the team. 

Private Consulting- 

  Customized 1-1 consulting program based on your needs


Leadership Academy -

  Leadership Academy is a 3 day intensive program to help participants understand the role of effective leadership and its powerful influence on our personal and professional lives. This program will help provide the knowledge, skills, and opportunities needed to succeed. The program is based on these principles:


  Know and develop yourself - the behaviors that demonstrate a leader's commitment to personal growth and development 

   Know, support and develop your people- the behaviors that demonstrate a leader's commitment to developing his or her people

  Communicate - the behaviors that demonstrate a leader's commitment to communicating with employees at all levels and functions

Participants are required to take leadership assessments prior to participating in this program

Leadership Style - 

  The Leadership style program requires participants to complete and assessment tool to determine their unique behavioral profile as well as their natural and adaptive leadership style, motivating factors and how one responds to conflict.  Understanding the differences are extremely valuable to improve productivity, employee and workplace communication, reduce conflicts and misunderstandings. Participants are provided a common language to help them understand one another and work better together.  This program is a great addition to the Team Building program.

 *Participants are required to take a leadership style assessment prior to participating in this program


Keynote Speaker -

 Jacqueline has a thoughtful approach to energize, inspire and connect with individuals. She is available for keynotes, lectures, half day events, workshops, and customized programs.  

If you are looking for a speaker who can:

  • Motivate individuals to think greater than what they currently know or believe
  • Challenge paradigms and habits that keep individuals, teams, and organizations stuck
  • Excite you to act in new and different ways
  • Help clarify your goals and identify new ways of being to achieve your desired results Contact Us

Looking for something specific? Reach out to Jacqueline herself, and ask her!

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