What Makes Pillars Different?


Think of all the training you have brought into your organization in the last 2 years? What is different? What has changed? Many organizations spend a great deal of time and money teaching their employees to:  be more innovative,  be more creative, be more flexible, be more innovative, be more flexible, be more customer centered, be more adaptable, but the focus is on the skills to teach people to do something different vs. "Being" different.   

How would you want your employees and leaders to BE different?  more collaborative, listen more, share info more?  Organizations have always had to deal with change. The difference between then and now is the frequency, pace and complexity of these changes. 

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I bring vast experience and understanding of the challenges facing organizations today and commitment toward results.  Working with organizations across diverse business sectors, I help people to build rewarding and successful careers while helping organizations build an emotionally intelligent, resilient, creative and fully engaged workforce.

I use programs to help individuals and teams in organizations "change their mindset" or their way of thinking about the challenges and limitations of their job. When individuals and organizations become conscious of their thoughts, actions and feelings, they better understand the ability they possess to achieve their personal and professional goals and the goals of the organization using the most innovative breakthroughs in neuroscience. 

Applying these findings to change their thinking regarding obstacles and challenges presented to them, leads to improved performance and helps people to embrace, rather than refrain from the unknown and create a better vision for their future.  Once people can envision new possibilities, they create boundless opportunities and results.